Welcome to Wobbl!

Wobbl is your ultimate companion when it comes to building your social brand.

Wobbl allows your fans to see all of your social media feeds in one place, with one follow. They can view and interact with all of your content no matter where you post. Wobbl was designed by creators with creators and influencers in mind every step of the way.

Here are some of the core benefits we believe including Wobbl on your social media list can add:

Stronger Brand Loyalty

People want to follow people, not pages. Telling a fan to follow you on Wobbl means they get to see all of your posts, from all of your social medias. This means not only will they be seeing your videos, they'll get to read your tweets, and see your Instagram's even if they don't have an account with those platforms.

Instead of splitting your audience off into different corners of the internet to follow you on one of your social medias, bring them together and help connect your fans to you, and your brand. Giving yourself independence as a creator from any one social media platform.

Higher Engagement

Wobbl is built on the foundation that we only show the user what they choose to see. We don't have filler or suggested content. Which means if one of your fans adds you to their wobbl feed, they will see much more of your content, much more consistently, with much less competition. Fans who follow you on Wobbl will be more likely to Like, Share and Retweet your content, follow you on other social medias, and support you as a creator.

Increased Social Performance

Encouraging your audience to use Wobbl can actually improve the way your content is shared inside other social platforms. When fans view your content through Wobbl, it redirects the user to your post on that social platform. This tells the social platform that your content is bringing in users from external sources (which is a great thing for that platform) and therefore makes that social platform algorithm promote your content even more.

More Monetization Options

Nobody likes asking their followers for money, and a lot of the time, revenue from the other social platforms just isn't enough. Wobbl enables you to put your Patreon and Merch Stores front and centre, to drive more users to support you without having to ask.

We also make sure that every metric and advertisement that gets you paid, is still counted when viewers are accessing your content through Wobbl.

Ready to become a Wobbl Creator?

At every turn, we've made sure that Wobbl can be used as a tool to help you strengthen your influence online. However, we can't do it alone. We need creators and influencers like you sharing Wobbl with your fans so we can positively impact the way people consume content, and how creators build and grow their social followings.

We're still in the early stages of Wobbl, but as we develop, we're dedicated to take care of our own. If you'd like to join our cause and use Wobbl to grow your brand, we'd like you to let us know so we can be sure to return the favor in every way we can.

If you're already sharing Wobbl with your audience, or would like to start, we recommend following the steps below:

  • Introduce
  • When you start using Wobbl, it's best to give your audience a brief introduction into what Wobbl is, and what the benefits of using it are.

  • Integrate
  • Once you're main audience is familiar with Wobbl, the rest is as easy as adding Wobbl to your list of social media links you promote with your standard content. It should be there right next to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. At this stage, we don't yet have a direct linking system, so just putting in your Wobbl Profile Name will let users find you.

  • Inform
  • Now let us know! Send us a DM, or email us at and we'll add you to our list of preferred creators and have one of our Wobblers reach out.
    Being a preferred creator means you joined us on the ground-level and as we grow, we'll be doing everything we can to help show the world how awesome you are!.

Creator F.A.Q

Do I have to login to Wobbl for my fans to follow me there?

  • Nope. As soon as your very first fan searches for you on Wobbl, you're profile will show up. You don't need to actively use Wobbl at all for you and your audience to get some benefits.
  • If you would like to add your Patreon, merch store, or edit your profile, you will need to login to Wobbl to do so.

My Wobbl Profile is missing one of my social media accounts, what do I do?

  • You can resolve this issue by logging into Wobbl with one of the accounts already connected to your profile, and then adding the missing account through your profile page.
  • Alternatively, you can email us at with your name and the missing social media, and we'll add it for you.

My Wobbl Profile isn't showing up to date posts, How do I fix that?

  • Wobbl only updates profiles on demand. This means that one of your fans has to ask for new content before we grab it for them. The best way to ensure your content is up to date, is to make sure you have a few people following your Wobbl profile.

Why should I advertise Wobbl for free?

  • Sharing Wobbl with your audience is less advertising for Wobbl and more advertising for you. In the same way you do with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube when you put those social links in your content..
  • Sending your audience to your Wobbl profile is essentially the same as successfully getting fans to go to all four of your social medias, subscribe, follow, turn on notifications and visit your merch store / Patreon every time they visit your profile. Except it only takes one click.

Will you be adding any new social platforms?

  • We are looking for a streaming platform to add in the near future, but we're focusing on developing our core experience first.

How do I edit my Wobbl Profile?

  • If you login to Wobbl using an existing social account (e.g. You login with your YouTube Account that is already discoverable in Wobbl), you claim that account and will have additional options on your profile screen.

I deleted a post on one of my social medias, but it's still on Wobbl, what do I do?

  • DM us, or send us an email at with the content that you want removed, and we'll be happy to make it disappear for you.

My posts are showing up with the incorrect time, what do I do?

  • DM us, or send us an email at with your profile name, and which time zone you mainly live in. From there we'll adjust your profile to make your posts show up at the correct time.